We Go Together

  Where People Meet Online to Connect Offline!



  1. What is the age requirement?

    You must be 25 or older to register.

  2. Do I need to attend events?

    Yes, members must attend at least 3 local mixers per year to stay active.

  3. Is the website free to join?

    Yes, there is no purchase necessary to join.

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Website Rules

  1. Can I advertise on my profile?

    Advertising on your is prohibited. If you would like to purchase ad space contact the advertising department at: [email protected]

  2. Can I share my address on my profile?

    No, for your safety we have limited users profiles and you can only share your city and state. The option to share your city or state is up to you when you are creating your profile. Please do not share your address online, if you do so it is at your own risk.

  3. Can I delete a member?

    No, members can only invite other but you can not delete a member. You can report online abuse or harrasment and our staff will investigate your case and remove individuals if necessary.

  4. Do I have to maintain an active profile?

    Visit the website as often or as little as you want. We realize that in today's society many people are active in several online groups and it may be hard to keep up with them all. As long as you login at least once every 90 days your profile will not be dormant. If your profile is deemed to be abandon or inactive for more than 90 days we will send you "Hello Note" just to touch base to see if we are still apart of your circle! :)

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