We Go Together

  Where People Meet Online to Connect Offline!

Who are we?

We Go Together / Wego2gther.com is exclusive social network that offers offline activities for website members. WGT is also a subsidiary of Ebonie Flare Entertainment a for profit multimedia and promotional company. Wego2gther.com (the website) is the tool used to register members. Membership is by invite only. Your initial invitation may have been sent to you from us, you may have requested an invitation or signed up to receive information from Ebonie Flare's subsidiaries and partners at a previous event or website. You always have the option to opt out of our mailing list or to unsubscribe from the website. All members have the ability to invite others. Our promotional team plans couples and singles mixers each week. In addition to weekly meet-ups we have quarterly, semi-annual and annual events that members can attend.

Offline meet-ups not on the events calendar are not events promoted by We Go Together or on wego2gther.com. Most mixers and group activities will be separate: for couples or singles. This gives singles an opportunity to truly mingle with other singles while those who are either married, dating or in a relationship can enjoy the company of other couples. Having a common ground is what helps people to relax and have fun while they are together. We also plan events for both groups to attend. Our goal is to produce high quality events that are tailored to the mature adults.

What we do?

We design and develop social networks, produce and promote events such as parties, club promotions, private functions, wedding planning, corporate events, church auxiliaries and schools. We also publish and distribute media

When and Where?

We have events and activities going on all the time and sometimes simentanouly in different areas. We are currently producing events in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. We are also planning events in Orlando and Miami, Florida. Check the calendar for dates!

What we don't do ...

We are not match makers and we do not set members up on dates. We do not match profiles; we do not provide astrological compatibility reports. We do not solicit sex; we do not arrange private meet-ups - not even for business. Private meet-ups may be organized at each member’s own risk. We do not encourage meeting anyone in private for the first time.  If you meet someone in private offline make sure that you have thoroughly checked the person out and have taken a great deal of time to get to know the person. Please use common sense; we encourage you to have several public meetings before meeting in private. We also encourage you to use our events to get acquainted with members in a public location.

What do we charge?

We do not charge members to use the website or for special features or access on the website. The members area of the website is blocked, the forum is blocked and our events calendar is blocked to the public. Once you have membership you will be able to access all of areas of the website and have the ability to purchase tickets, RSVP or register for exclusive events. We charge a small group fee to each event ... such as an event planner or promoter would do when selling event tickets or charging admission. Remember you are paying for the exclusivitiy that you and other like-mnded individuals will have - the members create the atomosphere so remember to use your ability to invite wisely. (Don't just invite anybody)

Event Packages

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